About this Blog

I’ve been interested in starting a professional blog for a while.  I like to write.  It helps me to think things through.  Until now I was just waiting for the time, focus and inspiration to get started.  After some investigating and a lot of thinking I have come to the following conclusion.  No need to over think this.  Get on with it.  If I don’t blog “well” to begin with then I’ll just learn as I go.

My goal is to aggregate and then share visionary possibilities and practical innovations that I come across and find interesting as part of my work as Chief Information Officer for a university.  The things that interest me are the strategic management of information as a resource, the application of technology as an enabling capability, and the provision of related support services as a source of value within the context of all aspects of higher education.  There is clearly a lot going on in these areas.  But I’m under no pressure to meet any sort of deadlines or quotas.  So I’ll just blog as I’m moved to do so.  What I write is editorially independent of my place of employment and professional affiliations.

My hope is that at least a few people will bother to read what I post and offer insights of their own so that I can learn even more in the process.  Is that how a “shared learning environment” should work?  I hope mine works this way and is perhaps useful to other people too.  If not, oh well it was worth a try.

Now that I’ve managed to set my own expectations and anyone else’s who may read this so incredibly low I can proceed now without fear of disappointment.  But where should I begin?  I need to give it some thought. 

Disclaimer:  This is an independent publication by Patrick Laughran.  The opinions expressed here are solely the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of his employers or any organization he is a member of.

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Shared Learning Environment by Patrick Laughran is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

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